How to connect the HP Printer without the router?

HP Printer is known for its variety of models, quality printing – colored as well as black and white, economical cost, and reliability. By following a simple process, users can connect their HP printers to the Wi-Fi, new wireless networks, and hotspots.

HP Printer without the router

Once connected, you can print directly from the HP Printer wirelessly or without a wireless router from Wi-Fi devices.

Note– If you have any query related to HP Printer or any other product of HP Printer feel free to connect HP  Support Assistant to get assistance from the experts.

Steps as listed below to start with the ‘Wireless Direct’ print-

  1. ‘Turn on’ Wireless Direct from the Control Panel.
  • Start with the process to change the name and password, if you have the Wireless Direct security on –
  1. Press the ‘Wireless’ button from the home screen.
  2. Select ‘Settings’ option.
  • Select the Wireless Direct and select ‘On’ (No security/ with security)

Note-If you ‘turn on’ security then only the users with the password, will be able to connect Wi-Fi with the HP Printer. If you ‘turn off’ security then anyone within the Wi-Fi range will able to connect to the HP Printers.

  1. To display the Wireless Direct Name, select the ‘display name’.
  2. To display the Wireless Direct Password, select the ‘display password’.
  3. You need to ‘turn on’ the wireless network, from your wireless system- computer or mobile devices.
  4. Search and connect to the Wireless Direct Name. And, if prompted connect with the Wireless Direct password.

Tips- Wireless Direct connection provides no internet access and it will be available even if the HP Printer is connected to Wireless Home Network. If you face any issues while going through the above steps then contact HP Printer Support Number to get assistance from the technicians.

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