How to fix the HP Printer Network Scanner Connection Error for Mac?

Are you facing issue while scanning the documents on your HP Printers? Yes, this may happen when the printer or the computer is not found. There could be many other reasons out of given below points that may cause this error.

Network Scanner Connection Error

  • Cannot communicate with the scanner or computer
  • The computer could not be detected
  • The scanner could not be initialized
  • HP imaging device was not able to be found
  • The scanner could not be detected

    Restart both the devices (computer & printer) and go through the driver scan settings

    1. First, Switch off the printer
    2. Check if the printer power directly connected to the electrical cord instead of surge protector
    3. Now save all the files on your computer and restart it
    4. Turn on the printer
    5. On the desktop double-click Macintosh HD
    6. Click Applications
    7. Now click the Hewlett –Packard or HP folder
    8. Double-click HP utility
    9. In Scan Settings, click Scan to Computer,
    10. Verify if Enable Scan to Computer is selected
    11. Now try to scan
    12. If the problem is unsolved, go for the next step

      Verify the network and Printer connection status

      1. In case you have a wireless router. Check your router’s system specifications if it meets the following requirements:
        • Many routers operate with both the 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz bands, however, printers don’t support both the bands.
        • Check if the 2.4GHz router band is enabled and broadcasting.
        • In case the router broadcasts both the band names separately then connect your printer to the 2.4GHz band SSID.
        • The Router should support Bonjour, and Apple’s network discovery software. Additionally, the router must also support forwarding Bonjour Packets.

          Verify if your printer is ready for the network scanning

          • For wireless network connection: On your printer, make sure your wireless signal is turned on and the light next to the Wireless icon is on and stable.
          • For wired network connection: Please check if your cable is connected to the printer Ethernet port and to the available port on the router.
          • Check green light and it should be stable and orange activity light should be blinking.
          • Now come to the Mac, click the network icon by going to the menu bar to view the network name and status of the connection.
            1. If your network is not coming the reconnect to your network.
            2. If the network is yours but the signal strength is weak then take your printer and computer closer to the router and take away from emitting radio signals such as cordless phones.
            3. If the network is not connected then connect it.
          • Disconnect the VPN (Virtual Private Network) if you are using it before scanning
          • Give a test scanning command!

If the problem still persists, go to HP Support Assistant. Call the HP Printer Support Number and they will assist you in the best possible way.

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