How to get HP Printer Assistant on your PC?

HP Printer Assistant is a software program featured by Windows operating systems for HP printers. The printer assistance became popular after 2009 and started coming with other printers as well. With this feature, you can run several printer-related tasks such as scanning, checking ink levels, ordering supplies, and more.

hp printer assistant

As you upgrade to newer version of Windows and open HP Printer Assistant, the Printer Setup & Software dialogue box launches instead of the settings and tools view. If you see the printer icon is not available from the Devices and Printers folder, it is possible that few of the files of printer assistance are missing. The problem might take place even though your printer is set up and installed before the Windows upgrade.

When you install the full feature printer driver either on your Windows computer, using the CD or from the official webpage, HP Printer Assistant installs automatically and you see the icon with the driver. If you do not find the assistant installed click on the printer icon on the desktop and see if Printer Assistant opens up or not. If not then use the following methods to check for and open your HP Printer Assistant.

How do you install HP Printer Assistant?

  1. Reconnect you HP printer with its supported device, such as PC
  2. Turn the printing machine on
  • Make sure you are connected with stable internet
  1. Go to the official HP page and from the menu section, go to Software and driver downloads
  2. Choose your printer model and get started page displays by clicking on Submit
  3. Follow the directions as displayed on the screen
  • If you face troubles while executing the instructions, reach for HP Printer Customer Service to resolve the issue
  1. Click Download to continue
  2. While installation, you will have two options- Typical or Recommended type installation, select one as per your requirement

The printer is now downloaded successfully. If you encounter any error, call on HP Printer Support Number for help. You can also make a visit directly to HP Printer Support Number to get in touch with experts without any extra effort.

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