August 23, 2018

HP Printer Assistant Download Software

HP Printer Assistant is a Windows-based software program comes pre-installed in most computers for HP printers. With the printer Assistant, you can execute a plethora of printer-related tasks such as printing, scanning, ordering supplies, checking ink levels, and further. This software launches the printer setup and software in Window computers when you need to connect your printer with your computer. This article will explain you about HP printer Assistant that comes as pre-installed software with Windows operating systems.

HP printer assistant

Many new users stuck up while executing the printing task, as they do not know how to identify of to detect if their computer has installed printer software or not. If it is getting difficult for you to find out the printer driver is available or not, or to receiver other related solutions, you need to get HP printer support assistant or HP Assistant to fix the problem.

Problems also occur during printing when you have upgrade to a new version of Windows. In these conditions, the Printer Setup opens up instead of the settings and tools view when trying to open HP Printer Assistant. You may also notice the printer icon is missing from the Devices or the Printers folder.

When you detect there is not printer driver or relevant software for your HP machine, HP printer assistant download becomes necessary. However, to install the software, there are certain manual procedures you are recommended to go through. This will help you eliminate the chances of error.

Steps you need to go through to get HP printer Assistant from official source.

Connect your HP printer to a stable network – HP Printer Assistant

  1. Start your computer and go to Control panel > Device and printers
  2. Select Click Connect a new printer
  • Check all the wiring are done properly with your printer
  1. Turn off the printer by pressing the power button
  2. End all running tasks on your computer and restart your computer
  3. Switch on the printer
  4. Go to HP Printer Assistant
  • If you can open HP printer assistant, the printer is connected and you can take prints
  • If you are unable to access your HP printer assistant, you need to proceed with the steps given below. You may also contact HP support assistant to get instant help.

Uninstall any coexist HP software

Coexisting software also causes issues while your printer as it confesses the computer to decide which software to pick and that leads in software conflicts and printing issues. Uninstalling the alternate software helps to prevent from such problems.

  1. Go to control panel
  2. Click on the option of Programs & features
  3. A list of software installed in your computer appears up, click on HP printer Assistant or HP printer driver
  4. Uninstall the software that has been highlighted
  • Uninstall all the relevant software

If you face any difficulty while uninstalling the HP software then speak to an expert via call or HP chat.

Reinstall the latest HP printer Driver

Note – Disconnect the printer from your computer prior to the installation of HP printer driver

  1. Go to the official page of HP printers
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and there you will find the column of ‘Supports’
  3. Under the section, find the option of Download drivers
  4. Login or register as per your need
  5. A message will appear – Let’s identify your product to get started
  6. Click on the printer icon and you will be directed to the next page
  7. In the field of Enter your product name, type your HP printer model number and name and submit
  8. You will get the HP printer driver developed specifically for your printer
  9. Click on it to install the software

As you have a latest version of HP printer Assistant, restart you computer and connect the printer with the system by following the instructions given in the section of ‘Connect your HP printer to a stable network’.

In case you fail to follow up any step, go to HP Printer Support Number for help.