Why to choose HP Sprocket Photo Printer for instant Photo Printing?

HP Sprocket Photo Printer is regarded as the smallest printer, makes it conveyable for its users. So if you wish to have an instant print out of your pictures. through your Smartphone then HP Sprocket Photo Printer would be the best choice to serve your purpose.Other than that you can add funny stickers as well as captions on your pictures before taking out the printing.

HP Sprocket Photo Printer

In case you are confused regarding its usages then let me enlighten you with this. All you need to do is to place not more than 10 paper sheets inside the printer. Next, you need to connect it through Bluetooth, download the sprocket app from Hewlett Packard and guess what you’re all set to use it for your purpose.

The HP Sprocket Photo Printer actually looks like a box. To be exact a compact size of the camera with missing lenses on the front. The photo comes out from the slot in the front and with the micro USB socket behind it enables you to recharge the internal batteries. It takes around 1.5 hours to recharge the HP Printer and you can take around 30 print out with a single recharge of the batteries.

Connect HP Printer Support while facing difficulty in handling the Sprocket printer.

The cost seems to be little high (50p per print out) as compared to inkjet printer (10-20p per print out) of the same HP product. But that can be put aside as it gives you an instant picture anywhere which you don’t expect from the other big printers.

Although very few numbers of photo printers are now available in the market but the competition among the various photo printers companies are seems to be quite tough. HP Sprocket Photo Printer still able to manage its position to the third in the field of instant photography.

The printer carries a brilliant blend of perfection with ease and permanency of the digital shots as well as the small size photos, allow you to collect the memories instantly.  Using the sprocket is great fun, indeed!

For more information on HP Printer models, call HP Printer Support Number.

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