Things to know about New HP Jet Fusion 300 or 500 Series

HP or Hewlett Packard introduces the new industrial 3D printers in the market who have the ability for full-color engineering grade parts. The price of the product has made reasonable, to make the small or medium-sized business, design firms, development teams as well as the institutions to make them accessible easily.

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HP Jet Fusion 3D 4210 or 4200 printing solution for the industrial prototyping, manufacturing aids and the final part production which produces ten times faster printing with cheap cost each time. It also produces the functional parts in black or white and full color and offers Voxel-level control.

This HP Product is bringing the digital industrial transformation by expanding into the field of metal printing.  It is responsible for changing the manufacturing with the Deloitte and HP setting out to be the fourth Industrial revolution.

The new HP Jet Fusion 300 or 500 series offers others products like –

  • HP Jet Fusion 340 (Black and White) or 380 (Color) – for the certain users’ who needs smaller size printing or mostly print fewer parts per build.
  • HP Jet Fusion 540( Black and White) or 580 ( Color) – for the users’  who need  a bigger size than the 300 series for the huge production demand as well as demanding part-size needs.

For any technical help or glitches, while using HP Jet Fusion 300 or 500 series, you can call HP Printer Assistant

HP Company is keen to explore on how multi-jet technology is controlling the part properties at the voxel level technology and it is clear that the design and production of the previous parts are now available in full color.

The industries which are getting benefitted from this product of HP are the automotive, the medicine, the aerospace, and the consumer goods.

For more information on HP products call HP Printer Support Number.

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