Gave a wrong print command by your phone? Here’s how to cancel it

Have you given wrong print command by phone? Printers have indeed made many of the tasks easy and quick. You can get instant copies of a document through you phone or computer just by making a few steps. Another thing that plays a major role in printers is the quality output. It is important that the printer executers high quality results. When it comes to pick the best printing machine that can be efficient and a profitable deal, HP Printers hit the list with top position. HP printing machines are used globally as it delivers trust and quality.

wrong print command

As you get along with the name, you will find an assorted range of models where each of the printers has different set of features. However, you can only access through the processes of a printer via a printer driver. Whether you want to print via a supported phone or computer, you need to have HP Printer driver that you can easily install from the official page. In case you do not find the file to download, you can get HP Printer Assistant to get just the right driver for your printer model.

Now, it is easy to understand how to print and send other commands such as scanning, Xeroxing, and so, but when you need to undo a command, it can become a fussy step to make. Because users are now migrating to androids and use the device for printing also, you should know how to undo a command before it starts to print. Do as mentions below.

How do you cancel Wrong Print Command?

  1. On you phone’s notification bar, swipe down from the screen to view your running print jobs
  2. Select the print job you want to cancel
  3. Tap Cancel

The printing task will be canceled. However, if you do not find any cancel option, unable execute any printing task, or face connection failure with HP printer, call on HP Printer Support and get assistance direct from the expert technicians.

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